Nur Art Gallery Announces the Opening of the Exhibition SUNDANCE by presenting the artworks of Kohar Kevorkian.

Kohar Kevorkian is an Armenian-Ethiopian artist. She specializes in creating arts and artifacts using the most creative, stylish, and unprecedented techniques.

Kohar’s unique art ranges from passionate paintings to 3D wall pieces, channeling what she sees into what she displays. She ventures in various art forms, such as home furnishings and accent pieces like wooden sculptures, mirrors, candle holders, pottery, leather cushions, leather bags, different lighting designs and tables, thus conveying emotion, feeling, energy, feminism, color, and the importance of application.


Being artistically groundbreaking, Kohar’s products are created through the most environmentally sustainable means. Sold under the brand name “Kork Tavity” (carpet and rugs) and “Si-Bago” (bags), her carpets and bags are handmade using recycled and recycled leather and leather scraps. The workmanship blends traditional and modern techniques to produce contemporary and high-quality products.

Her signature piece of art is the classic African Comb or “Mido,” which can be found with various private and public collections.

Kohar’s mother is a dress-maker and a great motivational source for her. She used to see her making patterns and be challenged to seek, invent, and express herself. Thus, from a very young age, art became a nice path to finding where her authentic self feels the most free, alive, and unburdened.


After receiving her degree from the Addis Ababa School of Fine Arts from 1997 to 1999, Kohar started painting and has not stopped since.

To build on her existing knowledge and techniques, she took pottery courses in Armenia during 2008-2009 under the supervision of Mr. Samvel Baghdasaryan, the Director of National Center of Aesthetics of Department of Fine Arts and the Dean of the Armenian Open University. This thoughtful and artistic activity has become a striking way to open up her mind and make her soul grow.

Kohar Kevorkian is exhibited in Armenia for the first time.


The public dates for the exhibition are April 6-20, 2019.

The admission will be free of charge.

Address: Republic Square, 1 Amiryan st., Nur Art Gallery