Today Nur is considered as the most popular and demanded artist in Armenia whose artworks decorate the streets of our capital. Many world celebrities are the proud owners of the jewelry with the stamp “Nur”. Nur’s hallmark is that he never repeats himself: his every creation is unique and an absolute exclusive one-of-a-kind. Through the artworks exhibited in the gallery, Nur paid tribute to famous people who somehow in some phase of his life were or are his inspiration. And he made those pieces of jewelry with such a grace and harmony that people are shocked how he can connect in one piece different materials such as turtle shell, gold, leather, wool, feather, etc. Besides jewelry, you will find his paintings and mini sculptures in Nur Art Gallery as well. 


Nur Art Gallery is a commercial gallery where art lovers have an exclusive chance to purchase jewelry, sculptures, paintings and graphics of contemporary Armenian artist Arman Nur.

Gallery was founded in 2015 Yerevan, Armenia and the founder and owner is Arman Nur. 

Situated in the very heart of the city it’s a cozy gallery where Nur is represented completely as multidisciplinary artist: painter, designer, sculptor and jeweler.

The gallery deals with the primary market. People all over the world interested in Nur's art express their strong will to become exclusive owners of his artworks.

Nur Art Gallery also has an established tradition to organize salon evenings accompanied with live classical music and welcome honorable guests – true art lovers.